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Lake District

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My favourite tourist place where I have been is the Lake District in Cumbria which is a beautiful, mountainous county in northern England, especially the lake which is called 'Lake Windemere'. I really liked the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. The hotel we stayed in was called 'Grange on Sands', and this is my second most favorite hotel after a five star hotel in Madinah (Medina). The best thing in the Lake District is the boating. In the early morning we were supposed to board a medium sized boat but we missed it! So we had to board a ship called the 'Teal'. We stopped at a small, busy town and found a halal place to have lunch. Here we boarded a small boat. The lake was very, very rough there! with huge waves rocking the boat. After a long choppy ride we found ourselves on a small ship which took us to the 'Lake disrtict national park' in another town. the water was shallow near the pier but freezing cold! from there we again boarded the 'Teal' to return back to our hotel from which the view was magnificent. we had hot chocolates enjoying the view of the setting sun. At last, our boat tour was over. I can still remember, the day was the first day of May, 2012. The next day we went to the seaside, but no one except for experienced Shepperd and fishermen were allowed there as there were many dangerous holes in the sand, which were hidden in grass and swamps . I'm looking forward to go there again! Here is a photograph of the 'Lake Windmere' as seen from the ship called the 'Teal':


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